A Tail of 3 Cats

If your children are feeling creative today they may like to trace, color and paint a cute kitty cat from our Pond Coloring Club free library! 

Simply print and provide materials for tracing and coloring. You can extend the activity with some more complex fine motor skills too. Here are some ideas:

Wool Tail

Squeeze a line of white glue (PVA glue) along the spiral tail and use yarn (wool)!

cat craft

Glitter Tail

Use a glitter glue pen or squeeze some glue along the tail and them sprinkle some glitter on!

When the glitter glue dries your students will enjoy the sensory experience of tracing their finger along the line.

cat fine motor activity

Sticker Dots

Stick small round dot stickers along the tail - using the thumb and pointer to carefully pull each from the sheet. 
fine motor craft

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Find out about Calm Kitty breathing to help your students in a brain break HERE

Have a great day - I'll be with you again soon, to give you extra ideas for using the nine cats number page, added to the premium club this week!

nine cats