More Ways to Use Carrot Crunch

We have a free spring addition game over in our TpT store for you. It will help your students master addition with the counting-on strategy. They roll 2 dice and you will encourage them to count forward from the larger number to find the total. You may like to team a numeral dice with a dot dice to further encourage mental math. 

Today I want to share with you a few more ways to use the printable game mat! 

Standard Play

  • play to the standard rules
  • students play independently with their own set of dice
  • play with a partner and alternate turns 
  • play in a small group and have a winner
spring addition game

Digital Option

  • I've added a follow-up digital activity to the resource over at TpT
  • use it for an individual student on a computer or device
  • use it for whole class instruction by projecting it onto your electronic board and facilitating a whole-class math talk or demonstration 
  • use the carrot number line to model additional addition strategies

counting on in addition


  • print a set of number boards in grayscale
  • cut a colored board up into pieces
  • let students working at an emergent level to match numbers by placing the colored pieces onto the gray mat
addition puzzles


  • extend your confident learners with a subtraction activity
  • use a 20 sided dice and an 8 sided dice
  • cover the carrots with counters
  • students roll the 2 dice and subtract the smaller number from the larger one
  • remove the counter from the matching number 

carrot addition game


  • work on the doubling strategy for addition
  • use 2 game mats, cut one up into pieces
  • flip the pieces over, students take one and double the number mentally - e.g. they take 2 and double it to answer '4'
  • if correct they place the piece in a sequence above their game mat (option: record the double on a piece of paper or underneath with a dry erase marker)
counting and sequencing numbers

I hope you love these extra ideas for Carrot Crunch! It's still a free offering over in our store if you'd like it today!