Caterpillar C

Did you see the curly caterpillar for letter c in the free Coloring Club library yesterday? If not, it's ready and waiting for you!

When teaching little learners to write, read and sound-out words I always refer to c as 'curly c'. It helps them differentiate it from k. 

Help your learners remember curly c with a letter shape craft. 

  • let them trace their finger over the curve of c on their craft page
  • tell them we begin writing c at the head of the caterpillar and 'curve around'
  • ask them to trace a c on the palm of their hand, curving from the base of their little finger to their wrist (a little caterpillar curled up in their hand)
c craft

caterpillar craft letter

We have a full alphabet pack of letter crafts over in our store. They encourage fine motor pre-writing skills and letter-sound correspondence.

Each letter has a downstroke internal pattern line to trace. Encourage your learners to trace these by placing their pencil at the top of every line and tracing down.

I found so many little learners would come to school with the habit of writing from the baseline up to form letters. Once that habit is formed, it can be hard to shift. Encourage top to bottom (except of course for d and e) formation and pattern practice whenever you can!

I sent out an additional exclusive freebie to our super-fan email list today to complement this craft. If you are not on our list and would like to be - read more about it on the website!

letter c craft

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