Winter Robin Shape Craft

We added a new shape craft to our collection - Winter Bird! This cute little robin with a Santa hat can help your little learners integrate their knowledge of 2D shapes with creativity. 

From this activity you can choose to tech or review:
  • identifying and naming 2D shapes
  • flipping, rotating and arranging shapes to create a picture
  • fine motor - coloring, cutting, layering shapes, gluing
  • reading and writing - labelling and recording the shapes used

More Ideas


After students have created their little bird, ask them to tear paper. From torn white paper they can create a snow covered ground for robin to walk on and snowflakes. 

Show them how to use their thumb and pointer to tear paper carefully and create a shape. 

winter robin craft

Step by Step

The pack includes a step-by-step guide. Project this on your board to help guide students. 
  • ask a student to describe the next step to the class - this will encourage the language of position and order
  • use it as a directed drawing

shape craft for winter


For your youngest of learners, use the tracing page. There is no cutting or gluing - just a focus on pen control. 
Use crayon and watercolors for a lovely art experience. 

fine motor shape craft

One Page Craft

Our One Page Crafts are a favorite because they are super fast to prep. Just one page per students and everything is ready. Your learners can use pencil or markers to color each section. 

winter robin craft

Traditional Template Version

Use these pages to copy for more than one student. They are great if you would like to use colored paper - e.g. copying 24 bird beaks on orange paper. These will just need to be roughly cut up before you start your lesson. 

Have a student helper distribute a different section around the class desks to ensure everyone has all the pieces they need. 
winter craft for kindergarten