Writing cvc Words

To complement our Sounding Out Train resources that help your kindergarten friends move from single sounds to making and reading words, we've made a set of activity mats!

These mats are ideal for using on a tablet or device but can be used equally as well printed with dry erase markers.

Students will sound-out letters on the train and create a word by adding 1 or 2 additional letters.

  • the mats feature a variety of beginning/medial/final sounds missing
  • focus on aural and oral language by having students sound-out, listen and play with sounds
  • students build a word and then write it 3 times for practice - use magnetic letters or tiles
  • one focus word on each slide/mat

114 activity mats are included. Give a small selection to your students to complete at once - or print 2 or 4 to a page for students to provide more on a single sheet of paper.

Use the TPT Easel tool to use them digitally with your students!