Rainbow Finger Play

I love making and sharing  printable finger play action rhymes with you! Have you seen our growing collection? They make great beahvior management tools for your classroom and integrate language and literacy in a fun practical way!

Today I have a new one for you - Across the Sky! I think it is perfect for kindergarten or preschool - it is easy to remember and incorporates some simple actions to learn. 

The actions provide an opportunity for your little learners to stretch, flow from big arm movement to finger movement and finish with their hands rested in their laps ready to learn. 

Rainbow Finger Play

Once you've introduced the action rhyme keep it on display for the week and encourage your class to say it often. Consider:
  • using it when you notice students need to have a wriggle
  • extending it into a  literacy experience - point to the text as you say the words
  • using it as you transition between lessons
  • using it as a text to study - look at the language and talk about what some of the words mean

I have this new finger play in Google Drive ready for you!

A blackline version is included for you too. Have students color it and take it home to share with their families. This makes a great literacy link between home and school. 

What a great time to incorporate more rainbow themed activities! Find some more from our growing collection on our website page.