Koala Stick Shape Activities

Craft Stick Math Canter
We love activities that encourage students to explore line and shape. Our new printable math center Koala Stick Shapes provide 40 activity prompts to spark curiosity and creativity in your learners.

They will:
  • take a card
  • talk about the shape
  • copy the shape using craft sticks
  • use mathematical language as they build and modify
Craft Sticks Math Canter
Encourage your learners to talk about the lines in each shape they make. You may hear them say things like: corner, straight, up and down, across, sloping, slanting, between, crossed, join, inside, outside, left, right and diagonal. If not, model this language for them and encourage them to express their mathematical ideas naturally. 
Math Canter Koala Shapes
Link the learning you encourage in this activity with your students' prior and future experiences:
  • Have you seen a shape like this before?
  • Look around for similar lines in the classroom.
  • What does this shape remind you of?
Math Koala Shapes
As students move from one shape card to the next, challenge them to modify their existing sticks to create the new one. 
Encourage language such as flip, turn, rotate and slide. 
Kindergarten Canter Koala Shapes
This activity is great for fine motor and visual memory also. 
Kindergarten Canter Koala Shapes
Included in the printable file is a recording worksheet, cover page and activity instructions. 
Koala Stick Shapes

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