Adding 3 Numbers with Big Bear

Adding 3 Numbers Addition Game
Big Bear Addition is a fast-prep math game for learning to add 3 numbers. Simply print the cute big bear game board and play with 3 ten sided dice. We have included an optional spinner board in case you do not have dice available. 

This game is perfect for your learners who are working on mental strategies for addition.Use it in math workshop, groups or centers.
3 Number Addition to 30 Bear Game

Students will:
  • roll three 10 sided dice (or spin the printable spinner)
  • find the total
  • cover a numeral on the game mat
  • aim for 3 in a row to win
One game board can be shared between a pair of students.

Math Center Adding 3 Numbers

Included is:
  • page size game board
  • 3-spin spinner board
  • recording worksheet
  • cover page (great for organizing your equipment and resources)
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