Franken-hair Scissor Skills

Scissor Skills Frankenstein

Have fun in the classroom this Halloween with our Frankenstein themed scissor skill activities! These are perfect for preschool and kindergarten to practice different line cutting. Let's give Frank a haircut!

This packet is over in our store and includes 40 exercise pages. Each has a different line design and increases with complexity.

Tips for using these scissor skill pages

  • start with a simple page and assess how your student is handling the cutting
  • copy onto thick paper or thin card for easier handling
  • print 2-to-a-page for smaller pages to handle
  • use washi tape to secure the page to a desk as a remediation ste
Halloween Scissor Skills

How to complete a scissor skills page:

  • cut from the top edge down to the circle
  • use the solid thick line for visual support
  • move from standard, evenly spaced straight lines through wavy lines, zig zag lines to wavy lines of varying length

Get creative!

When students have finished the cutting activity they can also color, cut and glue the page into a bright backing paper for a fun classroom display of Franken-haircuts!
  • use brightly colored paper scraps to add fun extra details
  • use paint or crayon to color
  • curl or zig-zag fold the hair for an interesting 3D effect
  • if you're brave get the glitter and sequins out!
Frankenhair Scissor Skills From the Pond

We are certain that these pages will motivate and engage your little learners!

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