Sandcastle Craft

Free Summer Craft

Free Summer Sandcastle Craft

Today we want to share with you a fun creative project perfect for summer! The template for this Sandcastle One Page Craft is available over in our Coloring Club library for free! Our Coloring Club has free and premium level options and provides a lovely spacious way for use to showcase some of our creative and coloring pages for you!

Once you've signed up with your email, just navigate to the 'craft' category page to find this project! Then print it on yellow paper. If you use white paper, your little learner can color or paint it yellow!

Free Summer Craft

  • get scissors and glue
  • cut the pieces (they're all on one page)
  • arrange them on a piece of blue paper to see how they fit together first
Free Summer Craft
  • glue them to your background paper, starting with the small tier of the sandcastle
Free Summer Craft
  • you will have tons of space left for making it creatively unique
Free Summer Craft
  • using paper scraps add clouds in the sky and flags on the castle
  • shade the windows with black crayon
  • add more details to your summer sandcastle scene
Free Summer Craft
Thanks so much for stopping by our blog to take a peek at this fun easy-prep craft! We do hope . you become a Coloring Club member - we know you'll love it!

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