The Classroom is the place to bee!

Make a giant classroom poster to create a welcoming learning environment. Use it on your classroom bulletin board, window, door or wall. It displays the message - This is the best place to bee.

Your students will each color a square and collaboratively paste the pieces together.

  • print 35 pages - assign one to each student
  • each page shows a coloring key - color the parts according to the key
  • each page shows the student where in the poster their piece is located
  • glue on the gray tabs and follow the numbers to piece the 35 pieces together
  • the 16 full size pages into position to create the giant poster
  • add some tape to the back to reinforce the poster if desired
Included is also a one-page sized poster. You can print this one for small spaces in either color or blackline. What a lovely book cover or coloring page too!

Speaking of book covers, I have used Elizabeth Richard cardboard book boxes from my first year of teaching. They are sturdy, practical and economical. For this photo we used a range of our 'Door Display' labels to label the boxes. I printed the full size label at 70% to get them perfect for the boxes.

Easter Tree - with Elizabeth Richards book boxes in background.

I shared how to assemble the Elizabeth Richards book boxes on my classroom instagram back in 2016 when I was setting up the last room I had. I showed you how to assemble them and how I was using them - for Reading Groups, work books and even for paints! 

Assigning a box for your small groups can be such an easy way to make flexible seating and group work more practical - the group can carry all their supplies with them and on the front of the box you can record the group members, or a small picture of the subject or resource type - just like I have always done! It give your students an opportunity to self-manage and contribute to a well organized space. 

You can see a few pics over on the classroom blog I started as part of a professional development plan - Art for the Class Blog. Unfortunately I do not have the classroom Instagram any longer, but I am sure you can understand why I love these boxes so much and how practical they are!

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