Math Operations Posters

Make key words for the operations in math clear and accessible for your little learners with our fast-prep printable posters! Not only will they help reinforce essential content in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - the fun design will contribute positively to our classroom aesthetic.

Math Operations

Addition Poster for Kindergarten
Each poster features some key words and language surrounding the operation:
  • Addition - put together, plus, add, adding, bigger, total, sum, make
  • Subtraction - taking away, minus, left over, difference, decrease, remain, less, leave
  • Multiplication - groups of, times, multiply, product, lots of, rows of, by
  • Division - share equally, each, even, divide, out of, between, split, every
Division Poster for Second Grade

Multiplication Poster for First Grade

Subtraction Poster for First Grade

Just print and display! 4 posters are included, also supplied in a backline version.

These posters are now over in our TpT store and can be used:
  • as an attractive classroom display
  • in combination with a review of the operations in math
  • as review pages for math journals (use the blackline version as worksheets)
Kindergarten Math Posters