Rainbow Cloud Craft

We made some rainbow clouds to hang from the ceiling today and would love to show you how you can make some too!

To make the rainbow cloud craft you will need:

  • printable template from Google Drive: Rainbow Cloud Craft Template
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • string
  • strips of colored paper - we used party streamers
  • cotton

How to make a rainbow cloud craft

  • First print this template choosing from color or blackline
  • Cut out the double cloud shape being careful not to separate them. Fold in the center.

  • cut a length of string to your desired length
  • tape the string on the back of one cloud, at the top (above his eyes)

  • apply glue to the entire back of the cloud

  • place the ends of your paper strips on the glue - to the opposite of the string (check to ensure they are coming down the bottom of the cloud) 

  • pull gently some strips of cotton and glue these over the string and paper strips - this will make your cloud padded and slightly 3D

  • cover the other cloud with glue 

  • fold the cloud down on top of the other to sandwich it all together 

  • press down gently to make sure both sides adhere 

  • lift by the string to see your rainbow cloud! 

  • make several of these rainbow cloud craft projects so you can have a whole ceiling full!

We'd love to see them on social media - tag us so we can see your beautiful work!

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