Equal Groups for Division and Multiplication

Beginning to teach multiplication and division concepts to little learners can be challenging! Have you seen our new little rhyming text? It is a great springboard for a chat about fair shares and equal groups!

We loved our friends Cat and Bat so much we thought they would be perfect for a new set of worksheets to make your math learning fun and engaging!

There are 12 worksheets in this set that provide a sequence of learning for equal groups.

Cat and Bat are sharing candies and want to make equal groups so it is fair! The activities in this pack will help your students

  • identify and make equal groups
  • find the total of sets of equal groups (multiplication)
  • divide sets into equal groups (division)

The worksheets provided a gradual development of skills and can be collated into a booklet to provide a structured sequence of learning, or you can easily use them with stand-alone lessons.

Use all 12 pages and create a book for your students to work from. Take a peek at the cover page:

The first activities see students identifying and making equal groups:

Including some cut-and-paste fun!

We encourage you to use math equipment with these pages and have students create the groups they see on each page. This is so very important!

The final pages see a release from pictorial support to encourage your students to begin their development of mental strategies. 

If needed, let them use counters and equipment to model these.

As well as the worksheet pack, we've created a fun math game to pair with our Cat and Bat animation and develop the idea of equal groups in math!

Students will divide pictures of up to 30 into equal groups to model division.

This print and play game includes:
  • detailed instructions
  • 47 task cards
  • candy cards
  • a worksheet (either a recording worksheet)
  • a cover page to help you organize your resources for future reference
It can be used in a structured game rotation program, as math centers or in guided math. Students make equal groups if candies to model division. The game cards can be used with a dry erase marker where students circle the equal groups shown on each card.

We love making math more visual, engaging and hands-on for your little learners. Please remember that it may take a learner many repeated experiences with a concept for strong connections to be made. Allow them plenty of opportunities to play and replay the game and add new and alternative versions of games to help make essential repetition fun! 

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