Thinking Mathematically

Help your students learn to become a strong thinker in mathematics with games that encourage problem solving, investigation, making choices, planning, strategy and creativity. 

We sent out one in our newsletter yesterday that is incredibly easy to prep! Just team this one page crab-themed printable with 4 counters. 2 of your little learners will play on each page.

Students have 2 counters of the same color and take turns to add one to each circle on the game board as their starting positions. 

Next they take turns to slide one of their counters into the empty circle along a dark orange line. They keep taking turns at this until one player can no longer move. The other player then claims the game as won and a tally is recorded. Play 'first to 5' or '10' depending on your time constraints. 

This game will eventually become one of strategy as students become more familiar with how to win and can be used to develop early coding skills. If you missed this in our newsletter, sign up now and find a link to download in the 'welcome' email we send you.

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We hope your learners love crab slide as much as we did!

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