Place Value Dominos

Make learning partitioned tens and ones to 99 in place value, fun and engaging with this easy-to-prep math game activity!

Students will identify pictures of tens and ones to match with 2 digit numbers up to 99.

We have a 3 day weekend here and had a family game of dominos - Sam is always asking to play games that involve numbers!

Here are a few tips I found whilst playing the game. 
  1. After about 10 turns each, we modified the game to 'free for all'. Meaning, anyone could put any card down whenever they found a match.
  2. It took the kids a good 10 minutes to reach deep engagement. They wanted to switch the TV on. We persisted. They got hooked, eventually!
  3. Half way through the game, I noticed Sam start to become more flexible in his thinking. If he needed a 22, he would notice that a 32 was one ten too many and say things like 'oh, that had an extra ten'. Here I could see that he was developing some great place value awareness and beginning the foundations for skip counting by place value.
  4. Make sure you have a large playing space.
  5. Having a space for each player to spread his/her cards out makes it easier to locate cards. 

If you have students who find this too easy, differentiate and have them use the cards differently.  Ask them to take a whiteboard or scrap of paper and record some subtraction facts from each card. For example, they may pick up a card with 63 and 12 on it. They then find the difference and record 63-12=51, and so on. 

If you would like to purchase this printable game, it is over in our TpT store

It will also be part of our VIP Main Library for the next 10 weeks. 

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