Subtraction Games

We have just listed a new pack of printable games and activities to help students become familiar with single digit subtraction facts.

  • This pack complements the addition pack we published last month.
  • These 5 games will help your sweet friends practice subtraction with fluency. 
  • Most are single digit although numbers up to 12 have been used to create a large variety of problems.
  • Students begin fact fluency memorization after they have mastered strategies for subtraction.
  • These games are brightly colored for engagement, require no cutting - print, laminate if desired and you are good to go!

The 5 included addition games are:

2 Dice Subtract It

In this simple-to-prep game, students roll 2 dice and learn to find the difference quickly. The clear bur bright fun game boards will engage and excite your learners.

Subtract the Rainbow

Another fun and engaging game! Students spin and add on to find the total , -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8 and -9 versions included.

Subtraction Bus

All aboard! The bus needs to be filled and your students will love helping! Students match subtraction fact questions with numbers on the bus

Domino Dart

Not pictured, but easy to prep and loads of fun! Students flip a domino, and find the difference between the two numbers

Fact Find

Here, students spin a total and find the subtraction fact to match!

That is a whole lot of fun packed into collection. You will love how easy they are to prep and how your students LOVE to play them again and again!

Each game set includes:
  • game boards
  • printable spinner
  • a follow-up or recording worksheet
  • a cover page, to help you get your resources organised
Find this new pack of ours over on TpT!

We would also love to share this handy printable poster with you. Students can refer to it as they learn to memorize the subtraction facts! A blackline version is included too. 

Find it in Google drive: Subtraction Facts Poster

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