Bilby Books for Easter

Here in Australia we love having an Easter Bilby bring chocolate eggs as well as the Easter Bunny. The bilby is a native animal in the Australian desert with long pointy ears and a bouncy hop!

Here is a classroom-friendly news report to give you some background on the Bunny vs Bilby debate! At the end of this post I have shared with you a worksheet for your little ones to record some unique facts about each animal and some similarities. 

I have just dug some of my favorite Australian Easter books and bilby books from our classroom library to read with Sam over the coming weeks. You might like them too. Here are some links to find them. These are Amazon Affiliate Links, which simply means by clicking on them we may earn a small commission. 

Aussie Easter Hat Parade 
Grandma Bilby, Mr Budge and the Easter Tree
The Easter Bunny's Helpers
Little Barry Bilby Had a Fly Upon His Nose
Aussie Easter Hat Parade + CD PBK
Bouncy Ben (Little Mates)

Out of these books, Grandma Bilby, Mr Budge and the Easter Tree would be our favorite. It is a more lengthy read with a detailed story and magnificent illustrations.

If you need a simple but fun Easter treat basket to make with your little ones to pop on their desk, don't forget we have this little cutie in our TpT store. Find it HERE

Easter Bunny Basket Template

Find a worksheet for recording facts about bilbies and bunnies, in Google Drive: Bunny vs Bilby Venn Diagram Worksheet

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I do hope you have a wonderful week.