Visual Stay on Task Tracker

Keeping your little learners focused can be challenging at times. We made a fun visual Learning Leap to help stay on track and break a task down into simple steps from pond to lily pad!

A visual schedule will help students who have difficulty staying on task, remembering multiple verbal instructions or who have difficulty breaking a task down into parts.

Our learning leap visual schedule includes the following steps:
  1. Think, understand the task.
  2. Gather your equipment.
  3. Write your name and the date.
  4. Complete all parts of the task.
  5. Read and edit your work.
  6. Tidy up your space.
  7. Do an extra activity

A text-editable MS Powerpoint version is also included so you can change the phrases and order if you need. I have also included a blank plain pond and lily pad should you like to make additional tasks by inserting your own images and text.

The visual schedule can be displayed on your classroom wall or use the mini desk version for focus students.

Hop over to our store and Pond VIP if you would like this for your classroom or learning space!

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