Whale wh words

Why not make a whale with your little learners, while you are learning the consonant digraph 'wh'?! Use the nice big and clear printable whale template we have created for extra scissor skills practice or alternatively, have your students attempt to draw a nice big whale.

Some easy-to-sound-out words for little ones to learn when learning 'wh' include:
  • when
  • wheel
  • whisper
  • whip
  • wheat
  • whether
  • which
  • while
  • whisker
  • wham
  • white
  • whimper
  • whoosh
  • why
  • whisk
Make a large whale shaped chart and record these words. Play some memory games with them too.

The 'wh words' template is a free offering in our Pond Coloring Club

You can copy this whale template on nice bright paper or onto white and have your students paint them before writing. 

You may also like to use during an ocean or sea themed unit. 

If you're not yet a member of the Pond Coloring Club - we'd love to have you!

Thanks so much for stopping by, we are looking forward to sharing a whale themed book with you tomorrow - see you then!