Ten Frames and Monsters!

Combine a fun monster theme with maths using ten frames for addition!

Ten Frames 

  • support students in multiple content areas of mathematics
  • help move students from an emergent understanding of joining two groups to a more structured and coordinated process for addition
  • help students visualize the 'turnaround' strategy and bridging

Make learning fun

Playing games with ten frames makes math so much more fun!

Our monster themed ten frame addition packet includes 4 activities to help you introduce and/or reinforce addition within ten.
  • Monster Teeth will require students to pin the answer to a problem that they can read as an algorithm and also visualize using the ten frame monster. 
  • Add More Monster will require students to draw more teeth to complete the card and find the total. 

  • The worksheet packet includes 10 worksheets that will help your students draw and solve addition on a ten frame. Loads of practice will give them time to process the strategies. 

  • My Monster's Teeth Mathtivity will allow your creative learners to create and display their understanding of addition on the ten frame. They make the classroom so happy and engaging too! Win-win!

Head over to TpT to find this bundle, we are confident it will provide you with fun engaging activities for your lessons this week!