Phonics fluency

Have you seen our Zoom Cards? Zoom Cards provide a very practical and easy way to prep a structure for your phonics fluency instruction for the entire year! Students can work at their own level, practice and self-monitor their assessment. 

Phonics Fluency Reading Cards
ccvc words
Each of the sequenced phonics cards is now provided in the original hand-sized format as well as a new page-sized versions, perfect for students who need large print. Why not also use the page sized cards for a whole-class fluency focus lesson? 

The cards are numbered from 1 to 34 will step learners through a sequenced set of letter sound patterns and words.

They include cards for
  • single sounds 
  • word families 
  • cvc words 
  • consonant blends 
  • ccvc words 
  • cvcc words 
  • consonant digraphs 
  • nasal 
Phonics Fluency Reading Cards Consonant Blends

Teachers who have used these cards have told us they are:
  • comprehensive; 
  • fast to prep ; 
  • easy to implement and maintain; 
  • engaging and independent; and 
  • sequenced and challenging
  • a weight off their mind that 'phonics' is being covered in their curriculum consistently
The cards are backline so you can copy them onto brightly coloured paper to add some interest. 

Give each student a small plastic pouch to keep their cards in. You can assess the students quickly on a Friday to determine if they are ready to move onto the next card. It is personal choice, but I would recommend aiming for 100% accuracy. 

Self Assessment Phonics Fluency Reading Cards
Students record their times and self-assess their progress.

Students have a card for the whole week and time themselves reading the sounds/words each night. They can record their best times and try to get faster as the week progresses. With 34 cards, there is enough to cover the whole year. 

Our printable Zoom Cards file can be found in our TpT store!

Phonics Fluency Reading Cards
New large page-sized cards are included in the pack.

We hope this system helps you think of ways you can master phonics fluency in your classroom and that this printable packet can support you in your pedagogy. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out - we are here to help!