Goal Setting for Students

The beginning of the school year is a great time for students to select academic or social goals and learn how to work towards them.

I have a free goal setting worksheet for your little learners today - just download, print and implement your lesson. 

goal setting sheet for students

Why goal setting for students?

  • Goal setting is great at the beginning of the school year as it helps to set a positive, proactive tone in your classroom community.
  • Goal setting teaches students to work positively towards an outcome.
  • Goal setting will allow students an opportunity to feel ownership in their learning journey. 

How do I teach goal setting?

  • Read a story about 'dreaming big'. Giraffes Can't Dance is a great example.
  • Talk about dreams, aspirations and goals. Introduce the term 'goal' and 'strategies'. Give a simple example - e.g. I want to be a better reader.
  • Talk about the things students can do to become a better reader (see example below).
  • Record these ideas as strategies - you could use our free worksheet download as you do this recording. 
  • Go through the process several more times, breaking simple goals down into strategies. Do this verbally or in written form, depending on the needs of your students. 
  • Have students complete their own goal recording page and display in the classroom.

We would love to share this printable with you today - it's over in our FREE coloring club New Year category library!

Use our printable banner pack to create a gorgeous display of your students' goals! 

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