Crocodile Week Planner

Part of my weekend routine is to ready my home office for the week. I tidy, clean, declutter and change a few things - especially my desk-decor. It helps renew my focus and evokes creativity within me.  One thing I like to pop up on the wall near my desk is a simple week overview. I jot down the 'big task' for each day to give me focus. This week I have a crocodile shaped planner ready, and you can have it too! 

Find it in Google Drive, HERE

How to use the mini week planners

Our printable mini week planners were originally created to be a to-do list for the wall or desk. Lots of you have given me feedback to say you use them differently. Some being:
  • in planners and diaries 
  • in student journals
  • in the classroom
  • for goal setting, planning or to do lists
I am sure you can think of a stack more. 

Simply download the file, print and cut. I have included both color and blackline versions. 

Other mini week planners

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