Ten Frame Kids

We've created a new bundle of easy prep essentials for subitizing activities in your classroom. 

Included is:

Posters / Flip Cards

Page sized, half page and quarter page posters are provided for each number 1-10.

Flip or flash them to your students regularly, or pop them on display in your classroom to encourage your students to recognize the numbers instantly.

Fun Play Dough Cards

Laminate these mats to use with classroom equipment, play dough or dry erase markers.

Students roll play dough balls to fill the ten frame and make the number on each mat. They can say the simple rhyme as they make them. 

This activity is encouraging many dough skills that will help your students five motor strength

Ten Frame Number Workbook

Make a fun and engaging number activity workbook for each of your students in a snap! The pages will focus on numeral formation and representing the number on a ten frame.

This is a set of 10 worksheets to help your students learn to form and count the numerals 1-10 correctly. 

Students will:

  • finger trace the big numeral
  • track (write within a boundary outline)
  • trace
  • write the number word
  •  fill in the ten frame with dots

A workbooklet cover is included, Alternatively, each page can be used as a separate worksheet

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