Stretchy Snake Sounding Out

Make sounding out words and learning to read cvc words fun with Snake Stretch Foldables!

This printable pdf file will allow you to print and make 24 fun foldable activity snakes to help your students learn to 'stretch out' cvc words to read and write them.

Simply print, fold and put in your learning center along with the recording worksheets for your students to use. They will practice sounding out, blending to read a word, identifying the word, writing the word and finding a picture to match. 

As an alternative you could laminate and cut the snakes to make puzzle pieces. 

Once folded, students will unfold the sections of the snake at a time, to gradually reveal the sounds in the word

I have included recording worksheets that each feature 4 of the 24 words. Your students could do one page each day or more eager students could do more.

Included in this packet is a backline set of foldable snakes, so that your students can make their own set of stretchy snakes to take home. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about our teaching and learning printables.