Pet Directed Drawing

Make your unit of work on 'pets' more creative and fun with some of our new directed drawings. A bird drawing has been added today, extending on the original 10 included. Each drawing has 4 project options giving you 44 different lesson options!

I have a sample for you to try today - a pet iguana. As usual, my drawing are whimsical so be sure to show some real photos of iguanas when you implement this lesson and encourage your students to draw an iguana in their own style if preferred.

If you would like to take a closer peek at the new packet, head over to our store to find it HERE

And as for the iguana - here we go!

Draw a head and take the line down the right.

This is the trickiest bit. 
Loop back up for the tail, curl back around and then down under before looping back up to the head. 

Add some stick legs and a tummy line.

Finish with eyes, spikes, tummy stripes, nostrils, smile and a tongue!

And of course, give him some color. 

Pictures tell a thousand words, so download the visual steps and let your little ones study the steps before they start! This download will give you some worksheet pages and writing activities as well. 

Thanks so much for stopping by friends, have a lovely weekend!