Subtraction Spin Games

Making learning subtraction facts a little more fun with these 'Spin and Subtract' worksheets. They will help your students practice simple subtraction with numbers up to ten. Each page features a spinner, a set of 10 simple problems, a number line and cute picture to color.

Slide them into a pocket pouch and use them with dry erase markers as an alternative.

The student spins a number (using a paper clip and pencil) and finds a corresponding number sentence to write it in. A number line is provided in case your students need support.

Students will use a paper clip to spin right on the worksheet, making this is very simple activity to prepare. If you purchased this activity packet from me in 2013, be sure to re-download - it now includes an additional 10 worksheet activities!

These activities will support the memorisation of number facts. If your students are not at this stage, provide them with counting items (shells, counters, cubes etc) to model out each problem as they encounter it in the activity. 

Memorisation of number facts should be continued all through the primary years to support more complex mathematical work. As well as memorisation, encourage your students to share their own strategies and explain them to their peers.

To use these pages as assessment, ask your students to solve one of the problems and have them explain their work as they go - can they discuss the problem using appropriate language? Are they truly memorising the facts or using concrete materials (including fingers)? Can they restate the subtraction problem and answer as an addition problem? 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, we hope the new pages are useful to you!