School Bus Attendance Poster

If you teach the early years you will know the significance of a child's growing self perception. What a wonderful opportunity we have to help build and grow self confidence and self esteem in our little learners. Using student photographs within the learning environment is a wonderful way to support that growth. 

We cannot give our students self esteem but we can nurture the development of it by helping them develop their concept of self. They need to build knowledge and awareness of themselves, feel important and cared about. Photographs are one quick and easy way to help.

This giant bus attendance poster is just one of the many ways you can incorporate photos of students in your room. Your students can take their photo card each morning and add it to the school bus on one of the ten frames. After everyone has arrived, count the students and talk about who is away from school. This is a great way to build and model social and conversational skills as well.

If you can't take photos, I have added an option for students to draw themselves and write their name. 

The ten frame format will help:
- build number awareness
- counting skills
- subitizing
- conservation
- adding items to a set
- difference 

Hop over to our TpT store if this is something you would love in your classroom routine, simply print 9 pages and glue them together to construct the poster.