Classroom News Charts

Telling regular 'news' in the classroom is a great activity for students to begin to talk, listen and interact with peers and adults at school. They begin to understand the need to adjust their speaking and listening for different audiences too.

'News' (also known as 'Show and Tell') may be organized as whole class, small group or a paired-student learning strategy.

As a whole class activity students can have a day allocated for giving their 'news'. 4 or 5 students have a turn on each day and each have a turn talking to the class. News should be a brief oral recount of a personal or shared experience. They tell the news to the whole class and students may ask questions and make comments. Significant authentic learning can occur if the teacher also writes about this news in a shared 'News Book' after the oral presentations of the day. 

You could also structure this activity within small 'News Groups' where one student from each group tells news on each day of the week. Alternatively, choose one day of the week and all group members tell their news to the small group. A reporter could briefly summarise to the class on the groups' experiences at the conclusion of the session.

As a paired activity, students have a 'news partner' and tell their news to just one peer. A personal diary can be written after their oral recount each day.

Whichever way you structure this learning strategy as a teacher you can 

- establish a positive, accepting environment where each child's contribution is valued
- ensure that each child has equal opportunity to share
- model active listening 
- encourage a growing vocabulary and model language conventions 

Classroom News Chart

We've added these bright and fun classroom news day charts to our TpT store that will help your little learners remember what day they tell their news to the class! Editable charts are included to type or write your own headers and students.

Included is:
- A rainbow header 'Our News Days'
- A blank rainbow header (write/type your own)
- 5 day of the week cards
- 5 blank day of the week cards
- page of mini cards for writing/typing student names

Printable Classroom Decor

Classroom Oral Language Activities

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If you are not already implementing news as a literacy strategy in your classroom, you might like to try it. Our best advice is to make it matter. It should not be an activity to fill-in-time while the kids eat fruit or while you tidy your desk. If you work on student oral language you will notice huge gains in reading and writing. Make it matter by showing that you value it as a teacher.

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