The Secret of the Yes Day

Feeling a bit bothered?

Not your normal super-pumped-amazing-lets-do-awesome-learning-today self?

Contemplating not going to work?


Just have a 'Yes Day'. 

'Yes Day' was passed to me very early on in my career - handed down from a very experienced teacher who trusted me with the sacred knowledge. 

Not only have I used this technique in my teaching life. I've used it here at home. Even mothers have 'Yes Days'. 

Now. Imagine you didn't go to work today, and a substitute teacher took your class. Things would go somewhat as planned, but things would be different, right? But....the kids would still be alive and the sun would still set even though you were not there doing-you-normal-thing - am I right?!

Well, so will it be on 'Yes Day'.

But there will be no substitute teacher. Or mother.

It will be you, but with a fresh new walk-in-and-walk-away attitude.

For one day. 

Just to get you through. 

It will be a day where you just say 'yes'. To yourself. Nobody else will know it is 'Yes Day'. 

The absolute key is not to use this technique too readily. 

It is for those very rare days, when you #justcan't

So. On 'Yes Day' things relax a little. You say 'yes' A LOT! 

Mostly to yourself, but even more than you normally do with the sweeties. 

Can I go to the bathroom for the fifth time? Yes
Can I read a book? Yes
Can I draw fangs on mine? Yes.
Will I have ANOTHER coffee? Yes
Will I ignore the nonsense comments? Yes
Can she have the attention she is so desperately jumping up and down for? Yes
Can they just draw a picture because I have not had time to laminate the 45,000 cards I need to play that incredibly engaging rigorous literacy game? Yes

Well, that is exaggerating just a smidge... but you get the picture. It is also the metaphorical 'yes' too. Just letting go a little and letting things slide that would not ordinarily be allowed to. 

Give yourself a 'Yes Day' - you deserve it! And the best part is, that you will probably notice things going a lot better than you thought they would! 

- Mel x

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