New Desk / Wall Week Planner

I have a new week planner up on my desk wall, ready for next week. If you would like it for your working space, classroom or planner find it in Google Drive HERE

If you are not a kid-at-heart, you might like to share it with your little sweeties. 

True story. I'll keep it short because the day is too nice and I need to get outside for some sun. 

At cafe at shops a few weeks ago. Overheard conversation at nearby table. Two ladies discussing a work colleague - here is tidbit of overheard conversation:

"....and she signs her email with Happy Friyay....{giggle...giggle...giggle}....what sort of 40 year old says Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyay......{snort, chortle, snort}"

I slid down, deep into my seat. And had a bit of a giggle myself. 

I did want to say 'just a few million'.

But then again, I'm not 40 yet. So there is still time for me to grow up and learn to chortle. 

Until then, happy hump day!

- Mel x