Pumpkin Play Dough

Hi friends! 

I recently updated my pumpkin play dough mats file and included 10 new mats.

In the first edition, students had to make pumpkin seeds to make 'one more' to each pumpkin. 

The printable file now includes some numeral boards so that students can practice making numbers. 

The new boards also feature a fun rhyme for students to say as they are working - when students can vocalize their learning I have found that they have more engaged experiences and more lasting memories of their learning!

If you have a license to this file already, enjoy the new pages by simply downloading from your TpT dashboard. If you would like a license to use them, head over to TpT to find them. 

Another fun fine motor activity is 'big shape tracing' - perfect for getting your kiddos ready for writing, or helping them to become more controlled writers. 

Find a FREE pumpkin tracing page on my blog post HERE

Little learners will love just tracing these projects with a crayon - your older or more experienced learned may like to get the craft glue out and create a sparkly pumpkin with glitter!

And more printable easy-to-prep teacher support materials in my print pack (click on image below)