Adding Apples

I recently revised my 'Adding Apples' pack on TpT and just went live on FB to show you some of the activities in action. My kiddos are a little obsessed with 'breakfast games' as they are now known. We pull up a stool at the bench and play a few every Saturday morning. 

Adding Apples will help your learners model and show how to combine groups for addition.

Apple Tree Addition will encourage your learners to 'count on' to find a total. You can extend and differentiate this activity by using a variety of dice. 

Apple Match will introduce your kiddos to the 'plus sign' (+) and get them starting to think about turnaround facts.

Apple Draw More is lots of fun and can be used with dry-erase markers or seeds. Students 'add more' to give the total. 

Find these activities in my TpT store, as a featured item today:

A few people have messaged me and asked about the numbered bunting in the background of my photo - you can find that on sale in my store today also:

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for stopping by!