School Math Games!

I have just listed a new collection of games and activities for reviewing numbers to 30! These ones have a 'school' theme but could be used at any time though the school year. 

Bus Ride will help students learn to sequence numbers from any starting position. 

School Addition will get them using mental strategies for addition. 

School Subtraction gives the support of a visual arrangement to model subtraction. 

Bus Race will get them practicing how to 'look for 20' or 'bridge to 20' when adding. 

Bear Count will again help with forward counting sequences. 

And a much loved favourite - Bump! 

These 6 games are on sale in a bundle for this week and can be found by clicking on the image below. 

I have also created, by request, a game for numbers to 30 - 'Ten More, Ten Less'! You can download it FREE for today in my TpT store! Find it HERE

It is similar to another game in my collection 'One More One Less' - also free - find the post HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by today - have a great one!