Five for Friday - July 22nd 2016

Hi friends! I am here for Five for Friday! 2 weeks in a row, mind you.

Advance warning. These are dreadfully random. 

1. More Notepads 

Clearly having 75 on my desk already is not enough. Found this adorable cutie from Kmart. 
Discovering how amazing their online store and delivery is, was also a supreme highlight of the week. Possibly the year.

2. Obsessed
I am obsessed with this bathroom cleaner. The fragrance of it to be more precise. It's a little minty and a little apple-y. I am a slightly crazed bathroom cleaning-ninja this week. When I am not cleaning the bathroom I am wondering if I could clean other things *with* the bathroom cleaner. Just so I have an excuse to spray it.

3. Serving Snacks
I have had my first full week of school after winter break. My winter break consisted mostly of staying in my PJs till 1pm, sorting Lego, spraying bathroom cleaner around the house, and making platters of healthy snacks like this one for my two sweeties. 

4. Bachie is back.
A new reason to LOVE hump day. 5 days and counting. 

5. Ideas
It's an ideasey time of year, and I would love to help you find some cutie patootie things for your classroom. Hop on over to Pinterest and click the follow button! 

Head over to sweet Kacey's blog to find more Five for Friday fun!

Have a super-fan-fabulous weekend my friends! 

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