Five for Friday - July 15th 2016

Hi friends! I am here for Five for Friday finally!

1. Classroom Rewards and Motivation 

I use a combination of Super Bucks and Reward Coupons in my classroom. The kiddos earn bucks for all sorts of things and collect them to spend. We are half way through the school year and I finally had time to make sorting boxes for my dollars and reward coupons. I purchased these organisers from K.Mart for $5! 

I made a 'bank' and am contemplating having a 'banker' each day to assist with the notes. 

And I created a $5, $10 and $20 'shop'. My kiddos get to shop on a Friday afternoon. 

2. Tidy Up

I've spent some of my winter break tidying various locations in my house. I am a Type A person with undertones of Type B (who wants it be labeled anyhow?!) - and over the year, by office drawers have progressively developed into something like this:

I tried all sorts of things, but cheap take-away food containers worked the best to sort and store. 

3. Banner Bonnanza

I've been a bit barney for banners lately - here is a new one!

My weather banners (as shown above) are in my TpT store along with the beginnings of an expanding series of  banner packets.

4. Donut Beanbag.

Just because we can. 
I channelled my inner fat-Monica last night and got stuck. 

5. New Fonts

I added some new fonts to my big bundle through the week, in case you missed the revised listing notice, here they are! 

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Have a super-fan-fabulous weekend my friends!