Back to School Math Games Update

One of my  Back to School games packets got a freshen up last week! It's a bundle of eight games and perfect for a range of learners in the first weeks of school. 

This is 'Apple Patterns' - students have to create repeating patterns with the apple cards and record their ideas. Simply print a stack of the cards and let them get busy!

Crayon Order is also included in the bundle and will see students order numerals up to 30 from smallest to largest and record on their worksheet. 

If you have already purchased this set from me, be sure to revise your 'My Purchases' in your TpT account and snag the revisions!

A HUGE thank you to Mary who has been helping me with some photography! I'm in LOVE!

While I had 'apple patterns' on the brain I created a fun new classroom banner to complement my existing packets. Use this one as a whole class activity and create a 'repeating pattern' with the pennants to help students create and design their own pattern. I printed the pages for the banner below at 70% scale to achieve a smaller and 'fuller' looking banner!

It is FREE for today! Thank you for your encouraging support of my new banner series, I am really enjoying making them and have so many more to come! 

Have a wonderful day friends!