Classroom Labels

I just added some watermelon themed labels to my TpT resource collection. There are 4 different sized labels to print and you can add text in the editable version!

Themed labels can quickly add a touch of color and fun to your classroom basics and very easily help you create a more eye-caching learning environment. 

I have lots of options in my store to help you create a cute classroom! Why cute? Well... why not?! 

I LOVE a cute classroom and creating one helps me stay excited about my job! You may have your own interpretation of the word 'cute' - but for me - it just means that something is visually appealing and thoughtfully considered in a visual way. 

Do all classrooms need to be cute? Of course not! Do students learn better? I doubt it - the teacher is the most important element in any room. Do I compare classrooms? Seriously, who has time for that?! 

I have wonderful photos of the vibrant 'cute' classroom I had in first grade way back in the (cough cough... 1980s). It is the only one I ever had, as most of my other teachers had strengths in different areas. I learned from and treasured every teacher I had, regardless of how much paint and glitter went up on the walls. If a child can understand that, can't we all?  

Celebrate all teachers and learners. If cute is your thing - go for it. Unashamedly. 

Here are some more printable classroom labels in my TpT collection if you feel the urge to decorate! 



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