Planning to Write

We have been working hard to improve our writing! 

A good idea is to take this slowly, and focus on a different stage in the writing process for a week or so before moving onto the next. By that I mean, look at one stage in depth and detail and cover it with more attention than the others (you may have to cover each step in a week). 

Take a closer look at 'planning' this week!

I have found that getting students to DRAW rather than write their plans and ideas is a great way to produce more detailed and exciting stories in your classroom. 

If students are reluctant to draw, ask them to jot down words instead of full sentences - this might help them to get started on a more rich and powerful text as they are starting from a point of ideas rather than panicking about correct sentences!

Download from google drive, a planning sheet I have made to help your students with their writing. Ask them to identify their purpose and audience first. Challenge them to think of three ideas for each stage in their writing (beginning, middle and end). 

Thank you so much for stopping by today - have a wonderful weekend!

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