Double Digit Addition

Double digit addition may not be pretty. Just putting it out there. 

To save tears and possible 12 hour post-lesson headaches, I created some fun 'visually supportive' worksheets that will help your students understand what you may or may not have spent two hours trying to explain. 

Not that I would know ANYTHING about that. Ahem. Cough cough. 

Even after time spent playing with hands-on equipment and such and such, one may still find that talk of 'tens' and 'ones' and 'mental imagery' and 'partitioning' and 'combining' evokes many glazed-over-eyes. 


THESE worksheets will SHOW students what all the talk is about. They may even assist in 'planting the seed' that creating pictures in your mind helps solve problems. 

They involve numbers less than 99 without regrouping - build confidence with these before moving onto trickier stuff.

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Tell your students that mental math can be difficult because not only do they need to hold a picture in their mind, but they might have to hold onto that picture and create a second picture, and then come back to the first picture and then combine it with the second. 

Yeah. Glazed-Over-Eyes.......

Perhaps just show them these pictures! They will 'get it'! Along with plenty of hands-on play with blocks.

Try one for free today, by downloading one from Google Drive - HERE

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