Five for Friday - 29th January

The best time of the week has arrived! Here are 5 random happenings from my week.

1. No sugar Valentines
I found these fun non-food gift ideas for Valentine's Day over at Rachelle's store. Love!

2. Washi Tape Pegs
I got all crafty and actually made something I saw on Pinterest. 

3. Hello Classroom
I have resumed a 5 day teaching program. People hate me for saying it, but who cares...... it is actually easier than teaching part time! Love it. I also love that I have a blackboard. And neon chalk.

4. Classroom Ideas
Speaking of classrooms, I love saving cute and practical ideas for the classroom. Find my Pinterest board HERE and follow along if you would like to start saving ideas too!

5. Clipart Addicts

Over the weekend I will post the final images in my January clipart addicts and scrappy addicts sets. Look out for the February listing and early-bird special price. 

Thanks so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!

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