Addition Strategies

While my daughter is on summer break, we are reviewing a few arithmetic strategies. Lucky she enjoys it! I found that she recalls the 'friends of ten' confidently, but does not readily use this knowledge as a strategy when solving problems.  

Find a FREE printable for Friends of Ten HERE

So we made some task/activity cards to help extend her learning from the recall of simple facts, to applying it in a number problem. We sometimes call this strategy 'bridging to ten' here in Australia. We used pegs (clothespins) and a pipe cleaner to make a 'bridge' and further solidify the joining of these two numbers to make them one new number (10). 

I wanted her to understand that by looking for a ten, and joining them, we then only had 2 numbers to add, when looking at 3 numbers to combine.

So, 2+3+8 would then become 10+3 - much easier to work with! 

This new 'print and play' activity is in my TpT store and on sale today. I have included a recoding sheet in the packet and you can set up a 'task card' activity station with students taking a card, finding the total and recording it on their page. 

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