FREE Classroom Posters to Inspire

Hi friends! 

Two more teaching days for me and I am on summer break! I am HAPPY! And grateful! And excited! And feeling creative!

I love bright colours. I love motivational quotes. I love making things pretty. I love 'visual learning' and sticking-things-up-on-the-wall-that-you-want-them-to-know!
And I especially love you!

Put that all together and I present to you a fun free printable packet of classroom posters to inspire!

I picked some fun quotes from Pinterest that I think are simple enough for children to understand and relate to. 




Oh-my-word, if you have not seen, heard or downloaded the font pairing guides from Kimberley Geswein, you MUST get them now! They are amazing and helped me a lot when I put this packet together. And when I say 'a lot' I mean A. LOT. 

Head over to my TpT store to download this packet if you would like to add some cheery inspiration to your classroom, or home office! 

Have a gorgeous day friends!

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