Pencil Tin Labels

My daughter and I had fun for a few hours this afternoon, making these decorative pencil tins. They are easy to make and super fast. The whole process from having the idea, shopping for the equipment through to having them made, only took me about two hours! 

First I printed out the full page-sized labels. 

I used sticky label paper (and that is all I needed to buy).

I cleaned out some tins. 

We sorted out our pantry today and found a few tins that were not their best (it's what gave us the idea in the first place). We went to a Mr Maker show last weekend, and my daughter has since been in a creative frenzy 'making' and 'creating' her way through her school winter break!

We measured the size our labels needed to be

And cut them down to size.

I then peeled the backing off and wrapped them around each tin. I used the existing label as a starting guide, to make sure I was starting from a 'straight' place.

So easy!

If I was going to use them in the classroom, I would safeguard them by adding thick duct tape to the top edge. 

Such an easy way to add a little fun to your room!

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I have some more very special classroom decor ideas to share with you in the next few days, so please stop by again to see them!

Have a wonderful day!