Wombat Writing

I have an eight year old who devours about 10 books a day. I am most proud of the variety of books she reads. Picture books still capture her heart the most and I am so glad. I feel that although we read many of these stories when she was a toddler, a more comprehensive understanding of the story and the subtext is only developing now that she has a more detailed understanding of the world and a richer vocabulary.

Wombat Stew was pulled off the shelf when my teaching friend Shanyn gave a shout out for any sequencing activities associated with the story. I had one but it needed a freshen up - so I quickly did that and uploaded it to google drive for her.

I am very happy to share it with you too. Your students can write some details from each step in the story. Dingo is attempting to make a 'delicious' wombat stew for himself, and the Australian bush animals step in to 'assist'.

Your students can shade the pictures and sequence them before writing something for each stage.

I also added some additional pictures in the file which you could enlarge on your copier to do a class sequencing activity before the writing lesson.

Find this 'Stew Sequencing' file in Google Drve HERE

I have also started some Australian Animal writing toppers for my TpT store. Here is a wombat one which will nicely accompany any story book about wombats.

You can find it in my TpT store HERE

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