Five for Friday - 15th May

Hi friends

I am not going to apologise for being a blog-slacker - instead say a HUGE thank you for visiting - after I have neglected this little space for so long.
I am joining with Kacey again this Friday for a random recap of my week.

1. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

I have been reading this book for a little while, upon recommendation from a colleague. For someone that was born and raised to notice and attend to every small detail, this is somewhat of a learning journey for me. I have it right by my work station and read a point or two each day. As much as I give myself a hard time, I have been surprised with how many of the suggestions within this book I already practice. If you do not have it, I highly recommend it! I am loving having it #onmyteacherdesk for times when I need a lift.

2. Mother's Day Cards

My heart could not have been more full last Sunday. Here is a sample of the '15 presents' (as my daughter kept telling me) I received. They were mostly handmade treasures, and they were perfect! I received a spontaneous 'I wuv you' from my little man Sam - and a kiss - which was just gorgeous!

3. Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

We read this adorable book throughout the week - Pig the Pug. A funny story of a pup that is a tad greedy and selfish - this one always gets my children and classes laughing.

4. Pug Dog Writing

And we did some writing to recount the text as well!

5. For number five this week, I will leave you with this little suggestion for 'not sweating the small stuff'

#82 - Remember, one hundred years from now, all new people.

A little dramatic, but it helps during times of stress - before even knowing this book existed, I had thought along those lines before - sitting in the staffroom of my school and thinking about the people who have sat in there before me - and who will be left sitting in there in 5, 10, 20 and even 100 years time.

Puts a few things into perspective.

Have a great weekend!