It's Autumn

It is the first day of March and the first day of Autumn here in Australia. In my opinion, it is the best season of the year!

Take the opportunity to discuss some thoughts and ideas about the change of season with your students. Encourage them to keep observing the playground to see how the trees and other surroundings change over the coming weeks. 

A simple-to-prep art activity for this week is an Autumn tree. Use this time to discuss the traditional colours of the season and how using these will help to convey a message in their artwork. It also provides an opportunity for you to integrate an Aboriginal perspective into your lesson and discuss the use of natural and earth tones in their traditional art making. 

For this project, simply chip some tissue paper and provide your students with some PVA glue and a brush. Students can layer the chips and overlap them to create interest.

Once they have done this, the artwork can be completed with a black tree trunk. This can be made by cutting three rectangles from black paper and arranging them to make a tree shape. 

These will look so effective when you line them up as a class display. Perhaps even add a wash  background.

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