A Creative Slump

I have been writing some blog posts about creativity in the classroom over the last few months. I wanted to do a post on 'being a creative teacher' but when I sat down to think about it, well, I found it a little challenging. I have been in a little 'creative slump' lately. I wanted to share a few of the strategies I am using to get myself back to normal. 

Do you ever hit creative stagnation? What do you do to get yourself in a creative groove again? Please share - I would love to have more strategies. Here are four simple ideas that can get you started.

1. Delight in 'nothing'

 I need to preface this to say that I don't actually get much time at all to be bored - but it does happen. I get agitated when I have nothing to do, and as soon as I feel an inkling of 'boredom' I try to jump straight into a project or think of something new to do. Lately I have tried to relax into any moment where I feel lost, and try to work through it. I allow myself time to just sit and ponder. 

2. Go somewhere new
Try something different. I recently had morning tea in a cafe by myself - something I have never done before! 

3. Try a new colour
Wear a colour that you normally avoid. I get in a rut with my clothing choices. This week I purchased and wore a yellow top - a colour I normally avoid. To my surprise it did work. I felt, just a little, like a new person with a new outlook! If you are really fixed in your daily choices - start with something small like some jewellery. 

4. Create an inspiration area

Do you have an area of the house that is just yours? I don't have too much room at the moment, but I have created a small work space that is just for me. I recently added a visual 'inspiration' noticeboard. For now, I have it just resting on a chair near my computer. When I have a home office I will put it on the wall. Include anything that inspires you, encourages you or just pictures of things that you like. Try not to feel too 'locked in' to what you display or follow any rules. Simply follow your heart. 

They are simple ideas, but they are having a very positive impact!