I am linking up with Blog Hoppin for 'Teacher Week' and today, it's all about ME. Aren't you lucky!?

Some things about me, that quite possibly, you already know

1. I love my family. I have a beautiful husband, daughter (7) and son (2). I love drawing and reading with my daughter and my delicious 'bubba boy' (as he calls himself) is the happiest, sweetest, most content person you will ever meet. I am wondering how long it will last, but I would love him to pieces no matter what!

2. I love tea. I love making it. I love smelling it. I love drinking it. I can drink a tea-bag-tea, or a loose-leaf-tea (from a pot), but it HAS to be in a china teacup or mug. 

No milk. Hot, strong and black!

3. I love teaching. I adore it actually. I miss it terribly, but don't say that too much, in fear of being called a bad mother. I am on part time maternity leave at the moment, and will be till Bubba Boy goes to school. I get choked up when I think of the days of having my own classroom and class. I am certainly enjoying time with my family, but teaching is in my bones. 

4. I love drawing. What more can I say? I am so thankful that this From the Pond journey got me drawing more regularly again. 

5. I love my jeans. Combined with a simple T Shirt or sweater, it is my 'uniform' for the time being. There was a time, dare I say 'before children' when I loved keeping up with the latest pretty fashion, but its just not me at the moment. More than anything else, I like to be comfortable. As soon as I get home from anywhere, you will find me in the bedroom, changing into my uniform. 

I had to think hard, but here are 10 things you may NOT know about me! 

1. I love red shoes. Love, love, love. I just hate the way I cannot wear my 3000 green sweaters with them, because I feel too 'Christmassy'. 

2. I often return to the mother ship. And by 'mother ship' I mean Officeworks. Aisles and aisles of paper, pens, sticky tape, clips, laminating pouches, paper cutters and printer toner. When I need to de-stress, I walk through shelves of stationery. Yum. If Officeworks is closed, I go to Kikki.K. It's like Officeworks... but fancy.

3. Double Salted Licorice is the BEST! The end.

4. I spent lots of time outdoors growing up. Beach, lake, parks, boating, camping - you name it, we were there. I didn't have a stack of toys as a child, but my dad was a meticulous gardener and created and maintained a beautiful backyard for my sister and I to play in. We lived in that yard - creating games, running around and enjoying the fresh air and nature. Although being out in the sunshine still feels like home to me, I am very content with this more 'indoor' dominated short period of my life. 

5. I want to live by the beach. Being able to leave the front door and have my feet touch sand, would be awesome. It will probably be annoying at time, in the way only gritty sand can get, but awesome nonetheless. 

6. If we go shopping together one day, and we get separated, I will be in a children's book shop. Carrying bundles of books. If the stack of books is too high, and you can't see my glistening happy eyes, just look for the red shoes.

7. I am happy. I don't know about you, but in my 'real' life I get a few people constantly suggesting I take more vacations. Or go camping. Get away more. Or whatever. I don't mind so much, there are always going to be a few people around that want to suggest you be different in some way. But it does get me thinking. Most of all, it makes me appreciate the life I have and the people I spend it with. I don't feel a strong need to run away from my life or 'get away' - we are just so beautifully happy in the life we have created. A simple life, but a very very happy life.

8.Cough cough before I had children. I used to walk for at least an hour and a half a day. Every. Single. Day. I often wonder how many kilometres I have walked over the years. Then my brain starts to hurt and I start to draw instead. Walking was always part of 'me'. I will find that part of me again soon. I *think* it could be lost somewhere between the children's book shop and the liquorice.

9. I love jewellery, don't get me wrong. I drop lots of hints for a big fat pink diamond ring. 'One day', says my hubby. Lucky for him, I am content with my simple life. I have a tiny habit of removing all the jewellery I have on, and leaving it in random places over the house. I have no recollection of taking it off, and am forever looking for my watch and earrings. 

10. I know things. Can't explain it much better than that. Have always had it. Not everything, but some things, I just 'know'. It has taken a long time for me to trust and understand it. Nothing spooky, just very good intuition. But sadly, not where my jewellery is hiding. 

A huge thank you to the sweet Amy Lemons, for the '10 things' button! head over to her blog to grab one if you would like to use it!

So there you have it! I would LOVE to know more about you! Leave me a comment, or link up with Blog Hoppin'!

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